Collection: Tasty Toastys Digital Collectibles - Exclusive Checkout Page

Holders with Tasty Toastys digital collectibles (NFTs) enjoy exclusive rates year-round for selected Tasty Toastys Products! 
  • Genesis Toasty Holders (Token IDs 1 - 391): 30% off
  • Standard Toasty Holders (Token IDs 392-7600): 15% off

How to Redeem

We use the Tokenproof app to authenticate your NFT.
1. Enroll your wallet here:
(If you have used Tokenproof before and your wallet is already synced with your Tokenproof app, you can skip this step)

2. On a Toasty product page, 

  • Click “Authenticate with Tokenproof” which renders a QR code
  • Scan the tokenproof QR code with your Tokenproof mobile app
  • Select the wallet address/es that holds your Tasty Toastys NFT so that you can unlock your offers

3. Once it is approved, click "Add to Cart" as usual. The discount will be applied when you continue to checkout. If you need further help, drop an email for assistance at so we can get your exclusive discount to you.

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