How do I use my Tasty Toastys Collector Discount?

We recommend using a desktop browser with Metamask wallet extension for the smoothest experience. Token-gated e-commerce is still relatively new, thank you for trying this out with us! 

If you are on mobile, please use Metamask mobile browser within the Metamask app. 

On your Metamask mobile app, click on "Browser" & enter there, before attempting to connect your Metamask wallet. 

On a product page

  • Click 'Connect Wallet' and follow the prompts that pop-up.
  • Once your wallet has been connected, click 'Apply Discount'.
  • A list of your NFT(s) should pop up. Please allow the app time to load as it retrieves your Toasty token information.
  • If you have Genesis Toasty NFT(s), make sure to select that as the NFT with which you are applying your discount for a better rate.
  • You'll know you have successfully added to cart when you see the 🍞🔥 confetti.
  • You will not need to click 'Add to Cart' again. You should see the item in your cart when you click the shopping bag icon on the header.
  • Note: The 'Add to Cart' button is there as an option for those who do not have digital collectibles. If you use this button, there will not be a discount applied to the product.

On the cart page

  • If you select 'Yes' to shipping insurance, please refresh the page before proceeding.
  • To confirm your order, click 'Checkout with Collector Discount'. 
  • You will be brought to the checkout page, where you can see your discount reflected, before entering any payment details.

Common Problems

  • The token-gating buttons may take a few more seconds than you might expect to load. Please be patient.
  • If you abandon the checkout process (i.e. gone past the cart page), and return to the site to checkout again later, you may not be able to add additional items to the cart without completing your first checkout. If this happens, you will have to clear your cart, and restart the process.
If you face any other issues, please contact us here & we will get back to you asap.