Meet the OG Toastys

Meet the OG Toastys

Meet the OG Toastys that form the original loaf: Starter, Herb, Milk, MG, and Burnt. All other Tasty Toastys that exist are derivatives of these legendary fab 5!

Starter Toasty by Tasty Toastys


The most reliable friend in the bunch, Starter likes being part of something bigger than himself. Still, always pleasing others has caused him to lose sight on finding an identity for himself. Sometimes, Starter watches Spongebob Squarepants wistfully, dreaming about exploring the ocean without disintegrating.


Herb adores being seen at the freshest bakeries in town. While his yapping can seem a little obnoxious at times, he means no harm and the Toastys appreciate that he can always warm up a room. Herb loves smelling fresh, and so he networked his way into a job as a junior apprentice perfumer.

Herb Toasty by Tasty Toastys
Milk Toasty by Tasty Toastys


Milk used to believe in the goodness of the world, but ever since she got chewed on by an unknown being, she’s been re-evaluating that belief system. Nowadays, instead of staying out late to play with the neighbourhood cats around her block, she is busy binge-watching videos on how to be less soft and fluffy.

MG the Multigrain

Perpetually weary from carrying the weight of all the grains on his back, Multigrain would much rather be lying down at all times. Amongst his friends, he goes by the name MG because Multigrain is just too long. The one thing he likes is Greek Mythology, especially the story of Sisyphus.

MG Toasty by Tasty Toastys
Burnt Toasty by Tasty Toastys


Known for always trying anything at least once, Burnt is famous for her daredevil spirit and can-do attitude. She wears her scars proudly, for they are souvenirs of her many adventures. Her latest escapade was visiting a Bird Park without a hat, and leaving with all of her crumbs intact.

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